Gift idea

What do you give only when the person already has everything?

Zuletzt dann doch einen Blumenstrauß? Nach einer Woche kann das „Geschenk“ verblüht sein und die Erinnerung daran verblasst.

The solution is: give a bouquet of flowers together with rosiTTa, the universal flower cutter.

Because: The bouquet passes, rosiTTa exists!

The ideal complement to any floral gift.


rosiTTa is available in the following colors

rosiTTa has become colored, but the inside has of course remained the same. Thanks to the razor-sharp, titanium nitride-hardened blade, it glides through the handle, so to speak. This opens up the tiny water channels without crushing and clogging them, allowing for virtually unlimited water absorption. Your flowers stay fresh longer.

rosiTTa also loves other flowers. Thanks to the oblique open cut, you can also enjoy them longer.
Thanks to the standardized cut, the result is identical for all flowers in the vase.

As always: rosiTTa is