So you can enjoy your tulips longer

It's tulip season again and people are picking up fresh tulips at the supermarket, a flower store or straight from the field - giving them a hint of spring.

However, many people do not know exactly how to deal with the acquired tulips, if you want to enjoy them longer.


Thus, the discolored outer leaves, as well as any white stem parts, should be removed without fail before placing the flowers in the vase.

Each individual tulip must then be cut at an angle with a sharp knife to increase the diameter of the stem, and in the process, the conduit pathways that provide for the transport of water and nutrients, get a larger cross-section.

However, with a knife, the gate is not controlled and certainly not standardized. Ideal for this is the universal flower cutter "rosiTTa", whose cutting guide always guarantees the same angle and which is equipped with an extremely sharp blade from Solingen, Germany.


Under no circumstances should the tulip stems be cut with scissors, as this tends to squeeze the stem, preventing water and nutrients from entering the conduits unhindered.

Unfortunately, this method is still often recommended.

Of course, the water in the vase should be changed repeatedly, as bacterial growth can not be avoided. The ends of the stems turn brown over time and discolor the water.

Fresh water and a new oblique "fresh cut" prolongs the life of tulips.


Cigarette smoke does not like tulips!

Tulips also do not like it too warm. Therefore, a compromise is to bring them overnight in a cool room and in the morning put them back on the table in the dining room or living room.