is very important to us!

Cut flowers - but with safety!

Due to the shielded blade and the possibility to close rosiTTa after use, injuries are almost impossible when using rosiTTa .

rosiTTa means exact cut with maximum safety!

Be careful when cutting roses

It is easy to injure yourself when cutting roses.

A simple extrapolation shows that in Germany in particular, someone is injured every minute by careless handling of cut roses.

By rosiTTa these accidents are a thing of the past. The completely different gating of the flower stems, in principle like a "guillotine", is done inside the housing and is therefore safe to do.

According to the authoritative online portal Statista, a total of around 1.4 billion fresh roses were imported into Germany in 2018. Assuming that only 5% of roses are sold as cut flowers, and that one injures oneself on every hundredth rose, then the injury mentioned on the left occurs per minute.

Rose import link in 2018


Children are curious!

Keep rosiTTa always out of the reach of children. Put a finger in the open flower cutter and blood could flow.

This should be avoided at all costs.